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The right to the robots according to Les Inrocks – Invitation for the show Autonomic Grand West of Rennes

“Lawyers are working on the creation of a“robot personality”and the assignment of a number of social security, the Department of productive recovery works on a nonbinding code of ethics project, the European Commission is considering giving them legal personalityProtean way, the right of robots emerges
2627 septemre, Robootic team will be present at the show Autonomic Grand Ouest, Rennes expo Park.
Dedicated to professionals and the general public, this show is emerging as the reference of actors in disability, dependency and accessibility on this website you can buy hoverboard for cheap too. Robootic will present various robots, including the technology allows everyone to enjoy innovative services to the person, and take this opportunity to offer you many free invitations.
To enjoy free entry, simply click and print your invitation
Technical information:
Location: Hall 5 of the Expo Park in Rennes
Opening hours: Thursday, September 26: 9 h 30 – 18 h 30 Friday, September 27: 9 h 30-18 h 00
Loan of wheelchairs toilets assistance Service: carers restoration antenna medical home specialized for impaired sensory
Robot lawnmowersRobomow: range completed and improved in 2014
The Robootic team is pleased to unveil exclusive new 2014 expected with regard to the range of robot lawnmowersRobomow. Forerunner in this area, Robomow is already known for its powerful and robust machines. But the brand continues to innovate and expand its range hoverboard stickers as well decals (for kids). First discovery.
The model presented above is the Robomow RC302. It should rather be considered as a “semi-automatic”, like its sister the RM200. Indeed, with no recharging station in series, this will be for you to place it on your ground time and start mowing. Note that the charging base is everything still available as an option. But like all new Robomow models, it has especially a true blade metal robust and aiguisable, slightly off to the side, this allows a net cut of the borders.
These 2 models, the RC304 and RC306 have the same characteristics, but are equipped with series of their home base, allowing a programming the day and time. They are, somehow, improved the Robomow RM510 successors.
Another important point, accessibility to the various elements of the mower facilitates the maintenance and replacement of parts 2 wheeled scooter. The ergonomics of use is also still further, with for example its new LCD screen.
Finally, note that this new range 2014 announces the gradual end of commercialization Robomow RM510 and RL2000.
To better inform you, Robootic team will unveil, in the coming days and on this blog, detailed technical features of the new models of Robomow presented here.

Once, idleness, you forget

Finally the summer is coming (the real, warm) and you will be able to enjoy your garden! You‘re waiting for rest, quiet and serenity the top quality cheap radar detector to buy. Too bad, it’s failed for this time: we first have to mow the lawn! Once more, idleness, you forget!
A solution: robots mowers, helping you to have a flawless grass, without effort or almost!
To make you discover, throughout the summer, Robootic offers an exceptional offer for the mowers, Robomow RM510 and Robomow RL2000 robots.
•Robomow RM510: €1195 instead of €1249 (white or green, color of your choice). For a surface of grass up to 500 m2.
•Robomow RL2000: €1799 instead of €1999 (green color). For a surface of up to 2000 m2 lawn.
But Robootic does not stop there, since in addition to this promotion, you will be offered a voucher of €100 on your next purchase. Ideal in case of change of blades or accessories purchase!
For more information, do not hesitate to contact Robootic team (Tel. 02 51 82 97 26 or by e-mail: They take advantage of their expertise and their experience in auto mower (equipment, installation, maintenance).
Robomop Softbase, a reliable and cheap brush robot
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Tired of cleaning, but not want to spend hundreds of euros in a machine, so powerful is it? If this is the case, it may well be that the robot-broom Robomop Softbase done for you.
This little robot is not new on the market, but this makes it a great value, as it has been proven in recent years. Many also give him a nickname It deserved some passport escort 9500ix praise via this blog!
It is true that it does not suck dust, but nonetheless his electrostatic wipe (reversible and disposable) is very efficient to hang dust, animal hair, hair, pollen, and of course “moumoutes” who hang out under the bed or furniture. 9 cm high enough to slide!
It is also very silent, which allows to turn it on without nuisance when you‘re there, and even if it is late Only the slight friction of the ball against the ground is noticeable.
The Robomop travel mode is pretty basic, totally random, and only on hard ground (parquets, lino, tiles, concrete, wax). But this is offset by its autonomy, about 1:30. A cycle will be enough to cover an area of 50 to 60 m2 in its entirety!

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Robotic gift ideas
Promotion on the lawnmowersRobomow robots
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RS612 and RS622, like the Robomow RS630 marketed this year, new models are equipped with two high-performance blades, allowing a precise and fine shearing (collection, mulching system). The programming of these machines is also provided by LCD screen, simple and intuitive ergonomics best drones for beginners.
But one of the main innovations of Robomow is the appearance of a free application, allowing you to remotely control your robot. Just a simple connection, and this application is compatible with most new smartphones or tablets.

The differences between the robot mower Robomow City 110

Finally, its flexible structure allows him to not to damage the furniture but also to “marry the nooks and the asperities of the parts top pc headset. A real Martha Stewart, to use without moderation: equipped with a NIMH battery, it recharges in a few hours, without significant impact on power consumption.

Price aside, you‘ll find it at €34.90. Available at Robootic.

Choose his lawnmower robot: Robomow City 110 and RM 510

As you can see in the table below, the differences between the robot mower Robomow City 110 and the Robomow RM 510 are not many, at least at first glance.

However the difference in price between 150 and €200, can quite be explained.

In addition to the absence of bumpers on the City 110, which exposes him directly to certain shocks, it is software version that differs the most. Thus, several features of the RM 510 are not present on the 110 City:

•Ability to create two areas.

•Ability to order the mower not to start at the next startup.

•Ability to advanced programming.

•Ability to record different entry points and start mowing.

•Ability to record the existence of islets, which improves the navigation of the robot mower.

•Ability to record a start delay after the rain.

•Signal if need to change blades.

In summary, the 110 City seems less suited to complex form fields or requiring the creation of many islets: its programming possibilities are “basic” oculus rift sale. On the other hand we can also consider this as an advantage, both its ease of use and programming is great.

Ecovacs, brand now famous household robots

First information, Deebot (or Deepoo depending on the country) robot vacuums D66 and D68 are always available, and will be again in 2014.
Deebot D76, him, will be replaced by an improved version, the D77 Deebot in February 2014. To recall these models feature two main assets:
vacuum turns into a round of hand in ‘portable’ cyclonic vacuum of 500W.
It automatically empty its dirt bin when it is on its base.
Below you will find a small table showing the main functions and facilities of these devices:
But it is the marketing of the D93 Deebot that these stargazing binoculars are cheap serves as a real novelty. He will be patient, since it should be available around the 2nd quarter 2014.
In addition to a very nice design, it will be equipped with a laser system to scan the surface to 360 ° and to establish an eCard of the surface to be cleaned. It can optimize its travel, but also to recognize the different parts. He finished the first before starting the second. If he has to go to recharge on its base, he will then start his work in the place where he was arrested.
Has a memory, it will recognize the surface where it is positioned, and will also be controllable and programmable remote by smartphone.
Side equipment, Deepoo D93 is not without assets: two long side brushes, a main brush optimized, a central squeegee, and the possibility to hang a reusable Microfiber wipe.
Finally, it is equipped with an LCD display to facilitate its programming, and a little voice will tell you its different actions.
When the range of robots Winbot W710 and W730 glass washers, currently out of stock, it should again be available mid 2013. Remind their subject that the main difference birding is fun with the proper binoculars between the two models lies in the W730 vacuum sensors. Thanks to this system, the robot doesn’t have edges around the glass to stop and change direction. As a result, it can also treat all smooth surfaces, like for example the mirrors.

At Robootic we focus on customer relationship

Some concepts are more science fiction but reality well. A new art of living draws for your pleasure! Robootic informs you, you respond and advise you, guaranteeing you top grade 3d printers on-line a wide choice of the latest robotic.
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The only consideration is of addresses us two emails from friends or family who may be interested in ROBOOTIC.
We then send them an email to present domestic robots.
The commercialized end of September Neato VX Signature range
We had informed you on June 17 on this blog about the delay in marketing of the originally planned range of vacuum robots Neato XV Signature, before the summer. Good news, the Neato XV Signature and the Neato XV Signature Pro arrived in France late September!
The Californian range of Neato robot vacuums is generally considered to be one of the best proposed currently on the market. So far, the Neato XV – 15 and XV-25 already had their fans. So what about the two new proposed devices?
To sum up, we can consider the Neato XV Signature makerbot replicator 2 material as the descendant of the Neato XV-15, and the Neato XV
Signature Pro as the evolution of the Neato XV – 25. Among other features:
Better circulation of air (new chassis resulting in an optimization of aspiration).
A black color more sober than the Neato XV-25, with metal for the Neato Signature Pro finish.
And always a USB port for software updates (free), and a laserguided already proven top grade printer for 3d.
The two new models will be equipped with filters inmunotherapy.
General public price, the Neato XV Signature should be marketed to €429,00, and the Neato XV Signature Pro to 529, €00.
We will not fail to inform you of the result of our tests for these 2 models!