Power inverter for car buying guide

The car power inverter is a portable box that converts the direct current into alternating currents. It is  used as a power supply for several electronic appliances and makes a great travel companion. While traveling you do not have a power source nearby, then this would be a great source for current to run any necessary electronic devices.

While selecting a power inverter for car purpose, it is necessary to check many features and functions. Even though all the power inverters would do the basic function of conversion of the direct currents to alternating currents, not all are safe and reliable. There are specific features that you have to check before buying a power inverter for car. Here are some of the top power inverter for cars.

  1. Krieger 1500 Watts: This is one of the best portable inverter for power as it takes least amount of space and delivers high power. It can convert 12V DC to 120 V AC. The continuous is 1500 Watts sand peak power is up to 2200 watts. It sports an LCD display screen to let the user know when you are reaching the peak. The screen displays temperature, short circuit, extra load, input and output. It is approved for safe use. It also comes with a remote control but has a wire connecting to it which some users do not like.

  1. Bestek 300 Watts: This is another compact sized power inverter that makes a great companion on your road trips. This power inverter is safe as well as easy to use and makes the best portable modified sine wave power inverter. The car has to be in running in order to use this 300 Watts power inverter that can be connected to any car make using a cigarette lighter. It sports 2 USB ports and 2 A/C power outlets and a fan to cool it which is always runs. The running fan is okay but the continuous sound it makes is annoying.

  1. Energizer 500 Watts: This product’s features are all unique to all other power inverters. The stylish power inverter is manufactured with a mounter so that it can be fixed easily and permanently until you would like to take it out. The continuous power is at 500W and can give up to 1000W of peak power. There are many great functions to this power inverter in addition to making available a 9.6A charging capacity for USB port. When you connect all four devices to the USB ports simultaneously, the speed of charging reduces. The cooling fan is ultra – silent thermal so does not make much sound while running!

  1. Maxboost 300 Watts: This is an impressive power inverter that is small in size with several uses. It has 2 A/C sockets and the 2 USB ports comes with a smart – chip built into it to know the device that it is connected to. So, it provides just enough power for charging those devices. No overcharging or overloading also. The long cable will help you to put the box in the back seat too. The metal case is strong to protect it from bumps on the rough road. It can connect to a solar system panel with the 4 mm banana jack inputs. There is no permanent mounting facility but is very simple to assemble and affordable to purchase.

  1. Foval 300 Watts: It is the best compact sized modified sine wave power inverter with many features. The power inverter for car has 2 A/C sockets as well as 2 USB ports and a cooling fan that does not make any noise. It only provides up to 300W maximum power only when the car is on. You do not have to worry about overloading issues as there is an in – built fuse. Other unique features include a case around it made from metal so it is not affected by road bumps on your journey. Also, the cable is so long that you can even put this box on the back seat.

With its small size, number of connectors, cable length, metal case & silent fan, as per https://carhq.org/best-power-inverters-cars/ this is the best power inverter for your car on a short road trip.