Should you store your data online and where?

There is something beautiful about technology that reassures you like nothing else. Be it a GPS tracking device on your kid enabling you to know the whereabouts of your kid or an alarm system at home making sure you sleep safe and sound at night when you spruce something up using a gadget, you are more at peace with yourselves. The trust that people have in technology is increasing every second.

This leads to people saving a lot of data online. Writing diaries has stopped. Taking print out of photographs is a thing of the past. Files and documents are also scanned and saved on the system. It seems to be the more sensible thing to do with all the various apps such as Google drive that has come into the market. I absolutely love feeling safe online thanks to this.

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to saving literally your entire life online. The advantages are that it is safer than keeping a hard copy at home. Anything can be hacked so you have to take sufficient precautions anyway.

Cloud storage provides fantastic service in which data is maintained and backed up remotely. This enables the user to have access to this information from pretty much anywhere on the planet. All that is needed is a system and a net connection. There are many places where the data online can be stored.

  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
  • Veracrypt
  • Skydrive
  • 4shared
  • MEGA
  • DataBagg
  • Adrive
  • Microsoft Skydrive

You must have to accept that there is no website that can be best and give it to you for free. Either the time will be limited or the storage space. Either way, you need to dish out some money to get the best out of everything.