Review Of The Line 6 Helix

From the time since it entered the scenario, Line 6 has always been a pioneer especially in terms of providing affordable amp modeling hardware. Though in the recent past many new breeds of amp modelers have also joined the bandwagon, Line 6 has not left its position and continues to have a strong foothold amongst them all.

The Line 6 dual-DSP-powered Helix is a fantastic combination of amp and effects models all together in a large and rugged floor pedal. To further mention specifications the Line 6 Helix has onboard a massive number of 1,024 preset locations on it. These are further organized into 8 setlists that consist of 32 banks with 4 presets each.  Now, each of the 4 presets has up to 4 stereo signal paths which have 8 blocks each populated with amps and effects.

Line 6 also has an impressive count of about 41 modeled amps, 7 bass amps, 16 mics, approx. 30 cabs, 80 effects as well as the option of loading responses. Line 6 has touch sensitive footswitches which offer a shortcut for adjusting different parameters before properly adjusting it with the pedal treadle. The Helix has a total of 4 effect loops that can be operated by using a preset.

Helix also has an amazing number of sockets. It has 8 in / 8 out audio interface for recording from computers and laptops. You can also go for headphone monitoring with mic inputs. Not to mention that developing the Line 6 Helix for 4 years has been very beneficial. It has led to the production some extremely brilliant tones and effects that sound magical, to say the least.

We hope this line 6 helix review has helped you know more about this product and has aided you in making a decision of whether to buy Line 6 or not.