Software testing is a fast growing branch of Information technology that is basically designed to check whether the results of the software designed meet the expected results and also to check if the software designed is free from errors or defects. This requires execution of the software or the entire system component to check any one of its properties.

The testing of the software is essential to look for any defects, errors or gaps and to correct it before releasing it to the customers. It can be done manually or with so much advancement it can be done by automatically.

Why is it necessary?

Software testing is very essential to ensure the customer gets the best product which is effective and gives the needed satisfaction to the customer. The software bugs are difficult to find and can be very expensive if not tackled. They can cause monetary as well as human loss. So before releasing any software it has to be tested to ensure that a software free f bugs, defects, and errors reach the customer. Get your software tested here and get the best software in the business arena.

Basics of software testing:

There are two basics of software testing:

  1. Blackbox testing: This is also called as functional testing and considers only the output that is generated. It ignores the internal mechanism of the system.
  2. Whitebox testing: This is structural or glass box testing. This mainly considers the internal mechanism of the system.

Types of software testing:

Software testing is of many types. It is mainly divided into 3 categories:

  1. Functional testing
  2. Nonfunctional testing or performance testing
  3. Maintenance testing

Software testing requires learning skills and good contextual adaptability. With adequate communication skills, learning ability, and group management attitude anyone can be a good software tester.