A great place to find your car parts

We are in a world where almost everything can be digitally acquired. The internet has replaced the entire concept of stepping out to buy things that you need when you can have everything delivered to your doorstep by simply clicking a few buttons.

When your car breaks down or is in need of part replacements, gone are the days when you had to look out for automobiles service station or worry about finding a genuine dealer who sold spare parts at affordable prices. With new technology, the auto spare part industry is also booming. Here is a great place to find your car parts that are authentic and available at a fair price.

While shopping for new car parts online, the experience is not always a pleasant one. There are certain factors that one needs to bear in mind to ensure making a good purchase. Here are a few of them:

To ensure the part is original or not

There are enough sites who also sell fake spare parts. To ensure you are purchasing a part that is original, you can cross-reference the car part with the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. If the part is available on their website you can be sure the part is not fake. But again take care to also cross-check the price as well as the overall looks of the parts. If they appear drastically different, chances are that the parts are fake.

Ensure the exact product number:

Placing an order just by the name of the product might end up incorrectly as spare part of one equipment may not fit another. Most parts have some exact model number to them, make sure you check that and order to avoid the bad purchase and the hassles of returning.

Manufacturer’s site is the best bet

Off late, automobile manufacturers have their own website that offers spare parts of their vehicles. These are your best bet as you can be sure of genuine car parts right here.

Landing page how to guide

Internet-based campaigns are not very easy as they sound. But every business now focuses on it because these are known to be very effective. For grabbing the attention of your customers you would need catchy campaigns. But then once you have managed to make them stop and take a look, your work doesn’t end there. Then comes the matter of the landing page! This would have to be as effective as the ad itself.

  1. Device optimization:

Consider the devices across which the landing page would be used. Text overlapping and unclear images are problems that can make your landing page difficult to view on a mobile device.

  1. Consider the type of landing page required:

Depending on the actual objective the type of landing page created would vary and this would have an impact on the design elements to consider. There are Click On pages, infomercial pages, lead capture pages and lots more. Fear not, there are convenient sales page creator tools that can help you create the most responsive landing pages.

  1. Do not undervalue to the media content:

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks a million. So try including pictures and videos to get to the audience quicker. Rather than reading through verbose prose they would find it easy to get the information from media content.

  1. Content quality:

The quality and quantity of the content should be carefully thought out. You should add just enough details to spark the customers’ curiosity. Then leave a little mystery that would tempt them to proceed further. This would be the easiest way to ensure better conversion rates. The quality of the content should not be ignored as well. Poor quality content can hamper the effects of your marketing campaign.

So many efforts should go into the creation of a landing page because these are critical elements that influence the internet marketing campaigns.

Can tech improve knife technology?

Yes, the answer is affirmative. Technology has helped us to improve almost every aspect of our lives. It has also improved the way man has used tools from ancient times. The man used tools made of stones and wood in the beginning and then learned to make equipment using metals. He has used his brain and skills to create amazing products and these techniques and tools have made him the supreme power in the animal kingdom. He rules over the world as he can use technology and has advanced tools to his advantage. Even one of the oldest strenuous and dangerous activity of hunting is now an easy game of using the most advanced tools, like the best possible knives and guns.

I love my hunting knife, that I bought a few years ago. It is a constant reminder of how it can help me in any situation when I am in the wild. I feel more confident when I carry it with me, whether I carry my other tools or not. Today’s knives use the best material, the highest grade of stainless steel and better alloys of metals. This helps them remain sharp and rust free for a long time in spite of the rugged use of the forests. A hunting knife must be used responsibly because it is a tool that can hurt even its master, if not handled carefully and properly. Technology ensures that it is manufactured in a way that it retains its edge and grip for a long time to come.

With high-tech improvements now people can find knives of any size and thickness. Some knives help in everything that a man needs to do when he goes hunting, from cleaning the kill to open the cans and cutting the ropes. So a multipurpose hunting knife needs to endure a lot of harsh and rugged use. You get upgraded strength, superior edge for a long time, and resistance to any kind of breakage and damage with the superior technology of today.

You can definitely get the knife that you will find easy to work with and that will last for a long time; the latest developments ensure that.


Software testing is a fast growing branch of Information technology that is basically designed to check whether the results of the software designed meet the expected results and also to check if the software designed is free from errors or defects. This requires execution of the software or the entire system component to check any one of its properties.

The testing of the software is essential to look for any defects, errors or gaps and to correct it before releasing it to the customers. It can be done manually or with so much advancement it can be done by automatically.

Why is it necessary?

Software testing is very essential to ensure the customer gets the best product which is effective and gives the needed satisfaction to the customer. The software bugs are difficult to find and can be very expensive if not tackled. They can cause monetary as well as human loss. So before releasing any software it has to be tested to ensure that a software free f bugs, defects, and errors reach the customer. Get your software tested here and get the best software in the business arena.

Basics of software testing:

There are two basics of software testing:

  1. Blackbox testing: This is also called as functional testing and considers only the output that is generated. It ignores the internal mechanism of the system.
  2. Whitebox testing: This is structural or glass box testing. This mainly considers the internal mechanism of the system.

Types of software testing:

Software testing is of many types. It is mainly divided into 3 categories:

  1. Functional testing
  2. Nonfunctional testing or performance testing
  3. Maintenance testing

Software testing requires learning skills and good contextual adaptability. With adequate communication skills, learning ability, and group management attitude anyone can be a good software tester.

Should you store your data online and where?

There is something beautiful about technology that reassures you like nothing else. Be it a GPS tracking device on your kid enabling you to know the whereabouts of your kid or an alarm system at home making sure you sleep safe and sound at night when you spruce something up using a gadget, you are more at peace with yourselves. The trust that people have in technology is increasing every second.

This leads to people saving a lot of data online. Writing diaries has stopped. Taking print out of photographs is a thing of the past. Files and documents are also scanned and saved on the system. It seems to be the more sensible thing to do with all the various apps such as Google drive that has come into the market. I absolutely love feeling safe online thanks to this.

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to saving literally your entire life online. The advantages are that it is safer than keeping a hard copy at home. Anything can be hacked so you have to take sufficient precautions anyway.

Cloud storage provides fantastic service in which data is maintained and backed up remotely. This enables the user to have access to this information from pretty much anywhere on the planet. All that is needed is a system and a net connection. There are many places where the data online can be stored.

  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
  • Veracrypt
  • Skydrive
  • 4shared
  • MEGA
  • DataBagg
  • Adrive
  • Microsoft Skydrive

You must have to accept that there is no website that can be best and give it to you for free. Either the time will be limited or the storage space. Either way, you need to dish out some money to get the best out of everything.

Which hoverboard shape is healthiest and safest for children?

Hoverboard! An exciting toy or a gadget is equally popular among people of all age groups. A few years ago, hoverboards were banned from manufacturing as they caused serious harms even while at rest. A little after that, some companies launched good quality, reliable self-balancing scooters (as they should ideally be called) which saw increasing fondness.

If you are keen on buying one of these smart scooters for fun and adventure, these Hollywood inspired scooters are here for you! You may get the latest hoverboard for your kid here on the web itself.

As you go on to buy the ride, watch out for –

Safety – It should be UL (international science safety company) certified and should use good quality batteries and motor.

Weight capacity – Check the ideal weight capacity.

Light weight – Go for a light weight board. It will enhance the speed and fun both, increasing portability at the same time.

Cruising speed – Checking the cruising speed before you buy it is advisable, since many over promise the speed, but in the process, tires wear off.

Over-charge and early discharge tests – The ride should be tested against over-charging and early discharging symptoms.

Vibration and shock test – They should be tested against any kind of shock or vibrations while being ridden.

Shape – They should be comfortable to ride. The ideal shape is a flat, sturdy board with strong and versatile tires for any terrain.

Ergonomically design – The design of the smart-ride should make the ride smooth and risk-free. There should be no risk of knockoffs, whatsoever.

Warranty – Why not go for the one with a warranty of a year or so!

Not just a ride for fun, a hoverboard may be an easy and economical transport to some nearby places. For the best buy keep your checklist handy!


Domain Secrets: How Do I Build a Website?

Want to build a website of your own? It is quite easy.  Follow these three steps for creating a website.

Step 1- Choose a platform

A platform is a tool that can be used to build a website. A few years earlier, web development was using HTML, CSS etc. which was difficult and time-consuming to learn and master. With the launch of content managing systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.  in 2017, creating web content has been an easy affair. WordPress is used widely because it is a user-friendly platform and it is free. It provides a huge range of layouts choices for your website. It is easy to use.

Step 2- Choose a web host, domain name

To have your website online, you need two basic things

a domain name or a web address like

a web hosting service which lets you save your webpage on their web host server and makes it online

You might need to pay less 3 to 5 dollars a month for a domain name and web hosting. You can still save on this amount by looking for coupons and deals form several web hosts. A hostgator 1 penny coupon offered by HostGator can get you a monthly rental of one dollar.

Step 3 – Create your website

These are the steps to follow-

  • Install WordPress
  • Choose an inspiring theme or template for your site. You can create a new theme also.
  • Add content and create a new page
  • Launch your website

Great job! Now you have successfully built your new CSS website on WordPress. It is hardly any money that you spend on having your website float online. So, have a new idea or want to start an online business, the process is quite simple.

Know Why OS Needs a regular Upgradation!

We all know an OS, Operating System. Without this, a computer is just a machine, with OS, a computer becomes a device that operates based on some input and provides output. This OS is a base for all other things. It interacts with internal shells and processes that language into a user readable one. Computers are an inseparable part of our lives.

It’s very important to keep them active always and up and running. But, sometimes computers do behave abnormally, like not turning on, or the OS getting crashed or your CPU doesn’t turn on, and many others. I get computer repairs to fix the issues, both on the hardware parts and software. The software is actually easy to fix, but very difficult to find which software has an issue. When it comes to OS, if it gets a bug, then your whole system is gone for a toss. Hence it’s very important to keep your OS safe in order to keep your computer and data safe.

Here are few more reasons to support your OS:

It strengthens the computer security:

Computers normally have sensitive data, and that’s eth reason hackers are behind to find loopholes. With an old OS, there are all possible chances for the hacker to enter via your security system, with new malware. If you upgrade your OS, they can fight against it, but when it’s not, the whole OS is subject tothreat. This threat lets in and the data is stolen.

It fixes Bugs, Errors:

With an OS upgradation, comes a higher level of security features, which makes your computer safe. This also ensures that further no software has any bugs or errors and tries to fixes them. Normal system failures or software failures would happen because of the non-upgradation of the OS, which may not support the new format or feature and hence makes the software collapsing.

We hope now you have strong reasons to upgrade your OS, at least once in a while, when there are new releases. It’s like vaccinating yourself against the latest virus.

Twitter’s Economic Benefit to the Tech Business

If you are part of the online business world, then you must know that Twitter is the best social media platform for your business and its marketing. In fact, its growth has been very fast in recent years and also it will be growing at an exponential rate in the coming future. Twitter can be used as a great platform for marketing which can definitely work in favor of the businesses. With increase in followers, you will be able to reach more people. If you are struggling to manage followers then buy twitter followers today. This can be of great help to your business.

Any business whether it is related to technology or anything else can benefit from Twitter. Here are some merits of using it:

  • For a tech business, first and foremost aim is customer satisfaction which can be easily achieved through Twitter. Anyone who follows your account will be updated with all the latest news related to the business and its products and services. This can be a great opportunity for you to figure out what the target customers think about your products. Also, you can explain directly to them as well as clear any confusion. This will help you to manage and control customer services in a better and efficient manner.
  • Twitter can help you to convey clearly the goals and other business values to the people without which there is no point in putting efforts on marketing. With this platform, you can convey your business goals to people by having regular conversations. This will help the potential customers to get a real picture of your business.
  • For grabbing the attention of the people, you can even offer some great deals or contests on your Twitter account which can be a great way to generate traffic for your business website.


Choosing the Best Digital Recording Software

Music is something we all can’t live without. With the technology booming across all the sectors, the music industry has got a great makeover due to it. Earlier composing and editing music using analogue was difficult, but today with the advent of technology, it’s all just a click away.

The best part is that you can do all these from the comfort of your home, without any extravagant studio requirements. All credit to the technology, computer software that has made such things possible.

With too many choices and options for the task, finding the best recording quality tool is pretty tedious. No more it is, we have scrutinised all the tools and software’s, have followed certain checks and have given the best way to find out the software. Read on to know about which is easily accessible and easy to work with.

Parameters to look in at the software:

There are many ways to grab the tool; one of the easiest ways is to find it in the open software pool. Though nothing comes free, the best ones sometimes offer all good features with no price tag. Check for the interface, editing options that the software provides, mixing option and the toolbars too.

Look out if the software has the analysing tracks, noise normalising, adjusting the bass and the pitch, treble and frequency analysis.

Also, have a watch at the cons that the software comes with. Sometimes the changes that you make in the software might not be able to be reverted. So take caution before making any change that can become permanent. Hence learn the tool well, have some practice with few projects and then start with the actual work. Check for the conversion parameters or integrating features that the software provides, like from video to MP3 formats or any other format.


Review Of The Line 6 Helix

From the time since it entered the scenario, Line 6 has always been a pioneer especially in terms of providing affordable amp modeling hardware. Though in the recent past many new breeds of amp modelers have also joined the bandwagon, Line 6 has not left its position and continues to have a strong foothold amongst them all.

The Line 6 dual-DSP-powered Helix is a fantastic combination of amp and effects models all together in a large and rugged floor pedal. To further mention specifications the Line 6 Helix has onboard a massive number of 1,024 preset locations on it. These are further organized into 8 setlists that consist of 32 banks with 4 presets each.  Now, each of the 4 presets has up to 4 stereo signal paths which have 8 blocks each populated with amps and effects.

Line 6 also has an impressive count of about 41 modeled amps, 7 bass amps, 16 mics, approx. 30 cabs, 80 effects as well as the option of loading responses. Line 6 has touch sensitive footswitches which offer a shortcut for adjusting different parameters before properly adjusting it with the pedal treadle. The Helix has a total of 4 effect loops that can be operated by using a preset.

Helix also has an amazing number of sockets. It has 8 in / 8 out audio interface for recording from computers and laptops. You can also go for headphone monitoring with mic inputs. Not to mention that developing the Line 6 Helix for 4 years has been very beneficial. It has led to the production some extremely brilliant tones and effects that sound magical, to say the least.

We hope this line 6 helix review has helped you know more about this product and has aided you in making a decision of whether to buy Line 6 or not.


With the improvement in technology, almost everything you know has undergone changes. And most of the changes are for the better. Even your same old TV is no more the same. You would remember times when you had to rush through some chore or perhaps wait for a long time till the broadcasters aired the show or movie that you wanted to watch.

This culture has now changed. And it is all thanks to the Android TV Box.

This Android TV Box is a humble box that helps to convert your conventional TV into a smart TV. You no longer need to be at the mercy of the broadcasters. All you need is internet connection, a top end Android TV box something like the MXQ Pro 4K and your TV is ready to roll.

It can perform functions very much like the computer or even a smart mobile phone.

What are the main functions of an Android TV Box?

The Android TV Box mainly aims at making your TV work like a smart phone. You can now surf the internet using your TV. You can also use the TV to stream live videos. It is usual for people to use apps like Netflix to view their favorite TV shows or movies. You can now do the exact same thing with your TV.

You can install many apps from the Google Play Store and make use of them on your TV. You can also create documents on your TV as well.

What are the types of Android TV Boxes?

Different manufacturers have different variations. But basically they are all units that can be connected to the TV and link it with the internet connection using Wi-Fi or Ethernet and use the TV like a smart TV.

You can check out some of the top Android TV Boxes like the MXQ Pro 4K. Some of its specifications are as follows:

  • The internal Storage memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Storage is 8GB NAND FLASH along with SD card slot available.
  • The video output is HDMI 2.0 AV
  • The Video Codec: 4K@Hz video decoding 10-bit HEVC and AVS+Codec support.

Is Your Handbag Ergonomic?

While it is convenient to choose fashion over function when it comes to shoes and handbags, it might not be the best thing to do. The reason is simple; ergonomics. It won’t be long before your ignorance of ergonomics takes a toll on your shoulders and feet. Continued stress and load on any one side of the shoulder can lead to chronic neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back ache. It could also affect your posture and make you slouch.

If you are carrying your handbag inappropriately, you can also expect your center of gravity to shift and your upper trapezius muscles to unnecessarily stiffen. Investing in a handbag that gives you more options than to simply carry it on side, is a better alternative.

A practical solution

However, following ergonomics does not necessarily mean compromising on your fashion quotient. Owing to technological advancements, we do have a wide range of choices in designer brands like Gucci, LV, Chanel etc that give us the option to choose more comfortable handbags.

You can pick a cross-b0dy bag from any one of these brands and reduce the load on one side of your body. A cross-body bag is more efficient at distributing the weight throughout your body. This significantly reduces the strain on your shoulder and keeps annoying aches at bay.

A purse or a handbag that has different strap options is ideally what you should consider investing in. You can switch between carrying it over the shoulder, cross-body and holding it as a clutch. This will reduce the stress on your overused trapezius muscles.

Among LV handbags that go over the shoulder, the Clery Pochette is one such piece that can be worn on the shoulder, as cross-body and carried as a clutch by the top handle. Needless to say, it runs high on the fashion quotient while being functional at the very same time.


Tips For New Vloggers

Often YouTube video sharers or the vloggers make videos themselves without any help. They are the solo videographers who are responsible for handling the equipment, lighting and editing them with proper software etc. Some have experience and some do not have experience in it.

Here are few tips for such solo Vloggers who have to handle everything.

  • Right Equipment: Right equipment may portray a perfect video. This does not mean that a vlogger must purchase a camera that is well suited for taking a movie. But, it has to be such that the camera involves all the features like optimal Image stabilization, microphone, proper image clarity and soon. When you have the right equipment and Easy to use camera, great for vlogging.
  • Enough Lighting: Use proper lighting for your videos. The flash light available in the camera alone is not enough to capture an excellent video. Explicit lighting boxes are required to have proper lighting.  Certain videos require or can be captured in natural lighting. So, choose the lighting based on that.
  • Proper Distance: A video taken too closely and the one that has been taken a very long distance cannot be a good video. The distance between the camera and the object or the person must be such that it provides a clear view on what is focused. Remember that a very close view may scare the viewers and a distant view may not provide proper focus.
  • Edit properly: Even though you are the solo Vlogger, it is important to edit it properly. Knowledge about different editing software may help you to edit the video effectively. Do not rush through the editing. Editing requires patience. Complete the editing part and double check it before sharing it in vlog else you may end up in redoing the entire video again.

Never step back just because you are new to Vlogging.  Use the tips and start capturing your video for vlogging.



People who wish to make their brand or product open on a social media forum usually opt for YouTube as this is one of the best social media platforms that provide a huge target audience. The same applies to musicians and other talents that require a platform where they can attract viewers.

One might work extremely hard and make a power packed video that has everything to take your brand or work to the next level. But getting numerous views does not work that way. At the most, a person might get a few hundred views naturally through family, friends etc. As any average YouTube viewer will not want to open a video that has just a handful of views, likes or comments. As it gives the viewer an impression that the video is probably not worth their time. But that is definitely not the aim. Then what must one do?

What are the ways to get maximum YouTube views?

The ideal way is obviously to just upload the video and let the viewers do the next on their own. But this comes with a big risk of being ignored by viewers owing to low viewers or likes.

The next way is to publicize and request all family, friends, acquaintances to view, like, share and comment on your video.

The final and the convenient option you have is to buy YouTube views, likes, comments and subscriptions. One of the ways to get more plays on YouTube is to simply buy them from places like this. It is safe, reliable, cost effective and will do everything it can to make your video viral.

The site is very much well known to have made many videos viral. And in fact is responsible for making numerous videos into chart busters as well. Their service is efficient and will deliver the required plays within 24-72 hours of time.

They have a wide range of packages of plays, like and comments to choose from. Their payment method is safe too.