Tips For New Vloggers

Often YouTube video sharers or the vloggers make videos themselves without any help. They are the solo videographers who are responsible for handling the equipment, lighting and editing them with proper software etc. Some have experience and some do not have experience in it.

Here are few tips for such solo Vloggers who have to handle everything.

  • Right Equipment: Right equipment may portray a perfect video. This does not mean that a vlogger must purchase a camera that is well suited for taking a movie. But, it has to be such that the camera involves all the features like optimal Image stabilization, microphone, proper image clarity and soon. When you have the right equipment and Easy to use camera, great for vlogging.
  • Enough Lighting: Use proper lighting for your videos. The flash light available in the camera alone is not enough to capture an excellent video. Explicit lighting boxes are required to have proper lighting.  Certain videos require or can be captured in natural lighting. So, choose the lighting based on that.
  • Proper Distance: A video taken too closely and the one that has been taken a very long distance cannot be a good video. The distance between the camera and the object or the person must be such that it provides a clear view on what is focused. Remember that a very close view may scare the viewers and a distant view may not provide proper focus.
  • Edit properly: Even though you are the solo Vlogger, it is important to edit it properly. Knowledge about different editing software may help you to edit the video effectively. Do not rush through the editing. Editing requires patience. Complete the editing part and double check it before sharing it in vlog else you may end up in redoing the entire video again.

Never step back just because you are new to Vlogging.  Use the tips and start capturing your video for vlogging.